A full range of digital services

A web project has several phases. It’s critical to carefully consider each phase and avoid going to fast. For instance, you should take the time to optimize your content first vs. going to the design right from the beginning.
Taking the time to reflect on issues and objectives will help to “create smartly” and maximize the success of his project.

That is why ATALKA offers a range of integrated services to cover the entire scope of your project.

Identify key success factors of your digital strategy

Digital tools implementation is often the primary concern for organizations and their agencies. Discussions about strategy and goals are missing.

This leads to forgetting the essential questions:

  • What is the main purpose of this tool? Acquisition? Notoriety? Transaction?
  • What element(s) of my marketing mix does it impact? What are my core targets? What about their needs?
  • Will this tool impact my current model (financial, HR, process…)?
  • What is the value to the customer experience?
  • What e-levers are most relevant to my goals?

Not asking the right questions creates a risk of developing the wrong product at the wrong time. Marketing and Webmarketing: same rules, same basics.

ATALKA helps you throughout this reflection to optimize your digital strategy ROI.

Before any creation, we help you to answer these questions and to identify SMART objectives to maximize the relevance of your actions.

By placing your project in context (market, targets, user benefits…), ATALKA helps you define your key marketing and e-business issues. Objectives are prioritized to define a detailed action plan and key indicators of performance.

Increase performance of your content

This is a critical step when you create a new website.

Editorial optimization covers all the elements that will increase the relevance and appeal of your content, but also their “ability to be found” and to retain users. It is about improving the performance of your pages by working on titles, subtitles and subtitles, key messages, urls, call to action…

A logic “Google + Users”

Editorial optimization is not limited to improving the referencing of your pages. Of course, Google must be pleased, but it also means meeting the expectations and behaviors of your users:

  • Define the right navigation logic
  • Identify the most useful and most valuable content.

To do this, we perform semantic analyzes of your universe to understand what your targets are actually looking for in Google. There is no point in being positioned on an expression that generates no traffic.

When this is the case, we propose related expressions that, without distorting the background of your message, will generate much more traffic.

All that remains is to use these strong expressions throughout your site and in the most relevant way possible.

Optimizing your site, finding keywords generating traffic, producing valuable content and writing “for the web” are the keys to success to increase your traffic and retain your audience.


Bring your ideas to life

Creative and art direction (VI and logotype)
Follow trends, develop your brand, revitalize your teams, change or reinforce your positioning. We support you in setting your goals (brief and creative axis, logotype, iconography…).


Web sites / Microsites / Blogs / Intranet / Extranet
Together, we define your needs and choose the best approach. Our creations can be based on an open source CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla …) to give you the autonomy to maintain your site or we can develop a custom site on your own CMS. All our projects are “full-responsive“ to optimize your content on all types of devices (PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones…).


A thoughtful and powerful e-commerce site is the key to increase your sales and find new customers. We deliver scalable solutions and manage your catalog autonomously (products, prices, stocks…).
We develop on major platforms (Prestashop, Magento, Woo Commerce… )

Mobile apps (iOS / Android)

One in two users access the internet through a mobile device – and the numbers are growing. We develop high-performance mobile applications for optimal user experience and guarantee the sustainability of the tool whatever your objective (awareness development, lead generation, sales …)

Our technical solutions

Each creative project is unique and serves specific goals and issues. We propose the best technical solutions that meet your needs. You also want solutions that can evolve over time, providing flexibility, speed-to-market and cost savings.

  • We can offer open-source solutions (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, …)
  • We can develop in your in-house CMS
  • We can develop native or non-native mobile applications.

Languages, frameworks and CMS used by ATALKA

Set up performing campaigns

ATALKA designs and optimizes your Google Adwords campaigns to ensure that your website generates leads and sales and is profitable. We support you in terms of:

  • The campaign creation process
  • The optimization of your existing campaigns
  • Management of your Adwords account
  • Routine optimization efforts

We analyze your semantic realm in order to target relevant keyword phrases that will reduce your CPC (cost per click) and increase your CTR (click through rate).

What if you outsource the animation of your website?

Your website no longer lives. You do not have the time, resources or in-house skills to feed it on a regular basis and it dies slowly.

Despite this, you would have content available to update it regularly: your events, publications, press releases, photos, videos …

We can accompany you to revive your site.

1 day a month, 2 days, more or less according to your needs, we recover your different contents and publish them for you on the site.

Advantages :

  • No resources mobilized internally
  • A team of professionals take care of everything for you
  • An allowable deduction rather than an employment contract with social security contributions
  • You adjust the time of our service according to your needs at any time

So, do not hesitate to revive your site.